Welcome back to the blog! Today I thought I would tell you about how we have started to do family portraits,couple portraits,newborn baby portraits and our Goddess Experience previews rather differently. Yes, I know change can be a little scary at times but bear with me – I know you’re really going to like how we’ve evolved your experience of coming into our studio to view your images!

Previously you would come in and view your edited and digitally enhanced images on our Apple Mac screen. It’s a nice way to see your images I agree but what if they were all printed out on high quality professional photographic paper and displayed on a wall before you…that’s an exciting thought isn’t it?

I feel there’s a special quality about having something in front of you that you can not only see – but also touch. A sense of tangibility that creates a connection. It’s like reading a digital book on an e-reader compared to holding a physical book…the former maybe more practical but nothing compares to the experience of the latter.

And that is the concept behind our ‘Reveal Wall’. You will see all your edited images in print – and as they have all been completed in the post production stage, they are ready for you to walk away with on the day!
As always we are striving to move forward and make positive changes to how we do things to create an even more memorable experience for our clients.

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