” I HATE having my photo taken. As soon as I spot a camera I hide! Whenever I’m caught on film it’s usually either me grinning manically or when I have my mouth full of food leading people to think I am frenzied hamster…

However this has all changed since spending the day experiencing my inner goddess photo shoot with Rupa Photography at their gorgeous studio at Trinity Buoy Wharf. I was encouraged to bring in a few of my favourite outfits and accessories along with me. I sat with Rupa and the hair and make-up stylist to decide what would look good on film.

When it comes to make-up and hair I can be quite stubborn. The stylist listened to my likes and dislikes and explained what she was going to do. Given there was no mirror it was quite suspenseful and rather exciting! She was extremely reassuring and showed me the colours she was going to use. I must confess I was rather unsure whether they would work on me, but when it came to the unveiling I was blown away! My poker-straight hair now had beautiful curls and my make-up made me feel very va va voom!!!

The photo shoot was such fun. Rupa was brilliant at putting me at ease. She showed me how to pose and accentuate my good points and also tips how to relax in front of the camera. Rather than wanting to hide I loved posing and bringing out my inner goddess!

The excitement didn’t end there as I returned to have my premiere viewing of the photos a couple of weeks later. The images I saw had been enhanced beautifully by Darin leaving me feeling breathless and exhilarated. It was wonderful and rather satisfying having a portfolio of photos to choose from.

I particularly loved the reaction of surprise and delight from my family and friends at seeing my photos.

I whole heartedly recommend the Rupa Photography ‘Inner Goddess Experience’. I had such a fun day and felt so spoilt and pampered.  SO now when I see a camera – I’m the first to smile and strike a pose…”

Nina Newbery


Gurpal at Gurpal Hair Artist

Damian at Aldeburgh Films