We’re delighted to announce that we’ve received yet more media recognition ‘Down Under’; this time our images are featured in the latest edition of New Zealand’s premier fashion magazine!

Simply You is packed with the season’s hottest fashion trends and key looks from international designer collections. It’s the magazine with the most recognized source of fashion and beauty advice for New Zealand women, so we’re really delighted that images from Rupa Photography have been selected to feature in it. The images chosen are from a shoot that featured Caroline Williams, from De Vallenger Design, who is featured as ‘one to watch’ in the world of fashion and design.

Originally from New Zealand, Caroline Williams now resides in London’s Chelsea where she hosts her beautiful De Vallenger Design studio, offering a number of different personal styling services to a range of clients. With over 16 years experience, Caroline specialises in offering a ange of fashion consulting services, from personal styling to makeup. You can see our blog post that features the original photo shoot, here.

A picture tells a thousand words

Headshots are really important for your business. If you’re a small business owner, it’s particularly vital that people readily connect with your image – as clients buy ‘you’ as a person – alongside the strength of your services and reputation. Good headshots inspire confidence and add authenticity to your brand. Done right, they also communicate your dynamic personality. In a competitive business market, it’s important to convey professional images that stand out from the crowd. As well as showing your business at its best, skillfully photographed headshots tell your brand story. Show the world that you’re serious with a professional headshot; your potential clients are more likely to sit up and take notice!

Planning a professional headshot session

First things first, consider the main messages that you’d ideally like it to communicate. Do you want to illustrate your confidence? Approachability? Do you want your brand seriously presented – or are you looking for lighthearted images? Would you like your professional photos to evoke a feeling of trust?

Prior to committing to a headshot session, it’s really important to have a think about what you want to achieve. Consider where the images will be shown – where are planning to use them? On your website, a brochure, business card, advert? Here at Rupa Photography, we’re specialists at capturing you professionally – whether you’re the MD of a fun, creative events firm, or a leading medical professional – we’ve captured every genre of professional on camera.

As well as shooting you, our services on the day can include hair and makeup – as well as styling, just to ensure you’re looking at your very best. If there’s a group of you – we can combine single head shots with group photos that capture the essence of your brand.

It’s important to portray you in a way that will appeal to your target audience. We’ll guide you through that process and produce photos that really represent the core values of you and your business. You never know – you too could be featured in a magazine!